2:00 PM14:00

Shamanic Sound Healing and Meditation

Join ONEIntegration and shift your body and mind down into deep meditative relaxation led by Luz Flaneuse, sound healing practitioner.

Tuning forks, harmonicas, bells, singing bowls, gongs, chimes, medicine drums, rattles, mantras and sacred chants create a rich tapestry of ceremonial sounds, in combination with guided meditation, breathworkand group chanting, in which participants can attain a greater sense of self awareness, healing and inner peace.

Researchers have found that sound waves can reduce blood pressure as well as enhance sleep and memory. Binaural tones played simultaneously that are close in pitch but not identical can be found in a sound bath session. Studies show these sounds can reduce anxiety and enhance mood states.

Luz will lead a guided meditation and breathwork followed by the sound journey. Blindfolds will be provided for those who wish to go deeper into the experience.

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7:00 PM19:00

Integrating Peak Experiences

The current renaissance of using psychedelics for self-improvement and psycho-spiritual growth is influencing many people to consider their use. An often overlooked but important aspect of expanded states of consciousness is how to safely prepare for and integrate one’s experience into daily life. Peak experiences through using psychedelics, breath work, movement, meditation, sex and other means can lead to new insights that can require intentional integration in order for growth and healing to occur. Please join us for an evening of integration, discussion, education and community.

For Free ticket use “Guests with Password” and password SYNTHESIS25

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